Monday, 22 October 2012

Starting off on The Right Lines.

Like most of my New Year's Resolutions, this one seems to have gone down the swanny. At the end of last year, I wrote, 'Please don't give up on me...come the New Year, I'll be back [blogging] with both cylinders. Promise. Until then, I apologise for my bad blogging behaviour and consider myself well and truly put on the naughty step'.

Despite my genuinely good intentions, I've only written five posts since then. Bugger.

I've never been great at maintaining that bouncy motivation that comes with all January's newness. If it helps, I'm also back on half a bottle of red most nights and screaming like a lunatic at my offspring when they refuse to put a single fecking shoe on between them. But hey, at least I feel more like the real me again instead of pretending to be some kind of zenned-up-Pilates-going-cupcake-baker.

I do have a little excuse to share with you all (I'm also probably going to lose any remaining respect with some shameless promotion)...

...I've started a little business. 

I've launched a range of Greetings Cards which I've written and co-designed and printed and, well...launched. I've been accepted as a Partner to sell through and have got them on the shelves of several independent retailers (by digging out a grown-up suit, dusting off some heels and tottering into shops spouting some sales patter I learnt from the late 1990s). And it's going quite well. I'm getting a big kick out of people I don't know buying cards I've written and sending them to other people I don't know. I think it's unlikely I'm going to get a barn conversion in Somerset out of it (perhaps I'll add that to next year's Resolutions list) but it's brought a little sense of satisfaction which is really rather good for us mums.

So, please do have a look and tell me what you think. Or even buy some if you want to be extra fabulous. They're called The Right Lines and my website (including Shop) is here:

And finally, back to you. I think the parent blogging community is wonderful. I absolutely take my (yoghurt stained) hat off to those bloggers who continue to post brilliantly written, observationally hilarious, touchingly true tales of life with the little ones. For those of you who can and do keep it up, then well bloody done. It's not easy. You should be very proud. 

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